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Play & Psychotherapy Donegal

I have undertaken training in Play Therapy so that I can incorporate this in my Psychotherapy practice. As a result, I can provide relationship based and developmentally appropriate services to children and adolescents who may be struggling with minor or major issues and allows me to conceptualise the needs of the client at an advanced level and to make clinical decisions that are based on this deep understanding. 


The contribution of Play Therapy within my clinical decision making enables me to use play as the medium of communication with children/adolescents, thus removing the focus on verbal communication and meeting the child at both age and stage appropriate levels.


I work with children and/or adolescents on a long-term and short-term basis depending on the specific case. Children with complex histories, significant behavioural and/or emotional difficulties, or attachment disorders are likely to attend therapy for a minimum of six months and often for considerably longer. Those with lower level of need including adjustment issues may need a shorter-term intervention.